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Emerge Stronger: Decisive Location Strategies and Aggressive Occupancy Cost Reduction Can Save the Day

All organizations are facing the impact of an unprecedented pandemic environment and many are looking to chart a better course through the crisis and beyond. There are short-term impacts on how and where people are working and how you service your customers – that may result in long-term changes. Everything is on the table, and smart organizations will look for ways to assess their real estate strategies, reduce their occupancy costs, and position themselves for future success. Watch this webinar with Jackson Cross Partners and Tango to learn how to: - Gain a foundational understanding of your total cost of ownership, operating expenses, lease terms, and space utilization - Scorecard locations based on lease term and rights, space metrics, occupancy costs, and other performance indicators - Model location strategies and tactics at the individual building level and across your real estate portfolio to reduce occupancy costs, while enabling employee productivity, safety, and satisfaction - Programmatically execute a strategic portfolio rightsizing and occupancy cost reduction campaign