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Lease Compliance During a Pandemic

Let’s face it – the pandemic has created challenges for us all. For private companies, the fact that the regulators extended the lease accounting compliance date to December of 2021 to let you concentrate on business operations was a welcome breather. But now, time is running out – and whether you are trying to meet this deadline, or you are struggling to manage compliance with the limited tools you have – you are probably asking yourself, "How can I possibly implement a new lease accounting solution during a pandemic?" In this webinar, we'll share why working on compliance right now is easier than you think. Topics include: - Don't wait. Compliance is necessary and it takes time - Be brave. Lease accounting isn't scary if you have the right system - No office, no problem. Implementation in a virtual environment - Reaping the rewards. There is a great deal of benefit outside of lease accounting once you have a system in place