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Page 0 of 2 1 TANGO ENERGY & SUSTAINABILITY ENERGY MANAGEMENT Invoice Management: Simplify your utility invoice management with automated data retrieval, thorough quality checks, historical data consistency, and seamless integration of asset and property information for efficient management. • Integrate. Seamlessly integrate with utility providers to automate data exchange for efficient invoice management. • Automate. Streamline data ingestion by automating the process, saving time and reducing manual effort. • Audit. Conduct regular audits to maintain data accuracy and consistency and flag invoices exceeding set thresholds in usage and cost. Budgeting: Take control of your budgeting process with automated data-driven budgets, tailor your annual and fiscal year budgets to your needs, and confidently forecast energy budgets with usage, weather, and supply factors in mind. • Automate data-driven budgets. • Segregate invoice and interval data to create customized annual and fiscal year budgets across all commodities. • Forecast an energy budget with usage demand delivery, weather normalization, and supply projections. To learn more about Tango Energy & Sustainability, visit Tango Energy & Sustainability by WatchWire is a market-leading sustainability and energy data management platform that uses cloud-based software to collect, automize, and analyze utility invoices, energy metrics, and sustainability data. Across the globe, WatchWire helps commercial and corporate real estate portfolios, Fortune 500 industrial/manufacturing and big-box retail, government, healthcare, and educational facilities. Real-Time Monitoring: Track meter usage and discover efficiency and savings opportunities through various data visualizations and analytics. • Monitor and view meter usage. • Multiple visualizations of interval data give the ability to identify efficiency and savings opportunities. • Analytics showing heat mapping and temperature, monthly profiles showing each day of the meter consumption, and daily profiles from Monday- Sunday. Measurement & Verification: Boost efficiency and measure results. • Recommend and measure multiple efficiency projects at once. All projects are measured and verified according to IPMVP and ASHRAE Guideline 14-2014. • Verify performance and track ROI via advanced projection models of conservation measure cost savings. Peak load: Get alerted when peak load hours are likely to occur so you are prepared to act out your peak load management plan and reduce your load while saving your company money. • Capture the full value of peak load management. • Get alerts when peak load hours are likely to occur. • Measure & verify peak load capital improvements.

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