The Post-COVID Consumer

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Copyright ©2022 Tango. All rights reserved. The Post-COVID Consumer: The Future of Brick and Mortar Stores 1 In March of 2020, COVID-19 swung the pendulum so hard from brick and mortar to digital that many businesses never came back. In many retail segments, in-person shopping ground to a halt while online sales went through the roof. Consumers rapidly adopted new shopping habits and abandoned behaviors they used to rely on. As public health guidelines adjust, restrictions end and fear of the virus wanes, the pendulum will swing back. But consumer behavior will never be the same. The pandemic has retrained people to think differently about how they find and buy the things they need. Some of the shopping behaviors that COVID-19 normalized will last. This creates some big challenges for brick and mortar retailers. As things "return to normal" do you need to completely reimagine the way you do business? Do you need to go "all-in" on every digital service COVID-19 normalized in order to stay competitive? Probably not. Introduction

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