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Page 0 of 2 1 TANGO PROJECTS Occupancy cost reduction begins with an informed portfolio strategy, which includes smarter capital allocation to optimize a distributed portfolio and the effective management of existing locations. To capitalize on the potential of real estate strategy, organizations need a partner to help transform those plans into action, and effectively link location strategy to project execution. Tango's globally proven platform covers the entire project management process with scalable technology that delivers cost savings, efficiency, consistency and risk reduction across all project types, including remodels, new construction, rollout projects and multinational development programs. PROGRAM MANAGEMENT Align program budget activities across your complete portfolio of projects. Combine similar projects into a single program view of all development activities: · Connect and manage all projects' budgets, commitments, purchase orders, change orders and invoices in one centralized portal. · Quickly and easily assess all project costs f rom a single, consolidated view. · Compare budgeted spend against commitments and actuals by program to ensure you stay on plan. Create visibility across all your program timelines. Provide multiple levels of management visibility into programs at the aggregate level: · Consolidate and report on the overall status of all projects by division, geography, timef rame and roles. · Proactively manage against timelines, quickly identify ex- ceptions and take corrective action to meet program goals. Coordinate and deliver on portfolio level goals. See a program view of all relevant activities, including new locations, remodels, relocations, closures and special projects: · Aggregate specific cost and timeline data across programs to provide management with insights to enable proactive decision-making. · Easily recognize trends and opportunities using Gantt views and reports to enable process and performance improvements for future programs. SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT Coordinate and track project milestones, tasks and activities across departments and resources. Prioritize work across all projects to forge the critical path and meet project deadlines: · Integrate milestone schedules to create a single view and make adjustments across all projects. · Coordinate personnel and prioritize work to avoid bottlenecks and ensure project success. · Access historical data and identify areas of challenge to support continuous improvement. Leverage a single platform to facilitate executive visibility. Understand where you are in the process and where you should be across multiple projects to ensure accountability: · Create a single source of the truth across program and project schedules. · Proactively identify potential issues to avoid serious impacts to program goals. · Identify issues specific to individual partners or vendors and take corrective action. RFIS and BIDDING Ensure a simple and consistent bidding process. Provide partners secure and easy access to a collaborative workspace to increase bid speed and efficiency: · Streamline the RFI and Bidding process to award work to the right partners faster. · Automatically notify qualified bidders about an invitation to bid. · Ensure improved interactions with vendor partners. Empower vendors to reduce cycle time. Increase both the speed and efficiency of all partner interactions, while minimizing your administrative burden: · Partner centric design enables external parties to maintain their information via a self-service portal. · Allow partners to access bid packages and submit tenders directly into the system. · Ensure ongoing security by granting individuals time sensitive access which expires upon the completion of a transaction or activity. FF&E ESTIMATING and PROCUREMENT Define project-level scope components. Accurately budget for and select the right products for your new locations: · Develop standard templates including individual product line items. · Customize requirements to match specifications of individual projects. · Integrate vendors and pricing to create a dynamic picture of project costs.

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