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Locatee brings you clarity on how your oce space is used so you can cut unnecessary costs and create an optimal workplace experience for your people – based on accurate, reliable data. Productive workplaces, lower costs. Simple, powerful, objective. Seamlessly integrate multiple sources to make the most of your data portfolio-wide. © Locatee AG 2024 WORKPLACE ANALYTICS 10%/year 75,000 USD 20%/year cleaning costs reduced t-out costs avoided lease savings achieved One lease decision using Locatee generated a 10% yearly savings for SwissRe A customer avoided a US$75,000 spend by uncovering the right space conguration for its team. FHNW integrated Smart Cleaning with Locatee data and saved 20% on cleaning costs. Desks or collaborative spaces? Do you have too much space? Are your building operations optimized? 1 2 3 Connect and collect dispersed data sources into Locatee: WiFi, LAN, Sensors, etc. Locatee's patented intelligence engine deduplicates signals and transforms raw data into workplace insights. Dashboards and reports guide you towards insights and actions. 1 2 3

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