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Page 0 of 0 1 TANGO LEASE TRANSACTIONS Never miss an option date. Automatically kick off new transactions via configurable workflows. Uncover hidden opportunities to reduce capital expenditure. Tango Lease Transactions enables you to look beyond the notice date by integrating key data and stakeholder knowledge to achieve more successful lease negotiations. SEE EVERYTHING Manage and track all aspects of lease option-based transactions in one place. View key metrics, monitor progress, and calculate savings across all transaction types, including: · Renewals · Terminations/cancellations · Contractions · Expansions · Extensions · Sales kickouts · Purchases · Right of first refusal · End-of-term Move beyond notifications to manage the entire transaction process: · Gain visibility via reports and dashboards containing badge icons highlighting key activities. · Track transactions by Type, Manager, Negotiator, Status, or Brand. · Integrate all key lease and location information, including related nearby locations or others with the same landlord: ɥ Lease Type ɥ Key Dates ɥ Recurring Costs ɥ Rent Calculation Method ɥ Landlord ɥ Rentable Area ɥ Nearby Leased Locations ɥ Landlord's Other Locations ɥ Transaction Manager ɥ Outside Negotiator ɥ Location Financials ɥ Past Projects ɥ Location Strategies ɥ Child Locations CAPTURE COST SAVINGS Dramatically reduce the time to analyze and negotiate deals: · Maximize negotiating leverage by arming teams with the same information the landlord has. · Gain visibility into all leases in common across landlords. · Negotiate in bulk to decrease costs, leverage early options, and increase landlord contributions. · Improve cost avoidance through automated creation of transactions, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. · Calculate savings via the auto-import of existing rent streams and the ability to add user-defined values inclusive of tenant allowances and other landlord concessions. TRACK SUCCESS IN KEY CLAUSE NEGOTIATION Successfully negotiate all lease transactions: · Understand market dynamics and negotiate beyond just the money to systematically remove unwanted lease language. · Perform qualitative analysis to improve the structure of leases by consistently working to eliminate unfavorable clauses, such as percentage rent, while improving favorable ones, such as f ree rent and tenant allowance. ELIMINATE MISTAKES Never miss a deadline and keep tabs on all transactions in a single process: · Avoid large new lease and relocation CAPEX investments resulting f rom missed renewals. · Coordinate lease transactions with the capital program to extract landlord contributions. · Avert costly mistakes such as needing to relocate a newly remodeled location. · Limit just-in-time errors by coordinating the pre-approval of economic deal points to empower negotiators to act proactively. · Prevent wasted individual effort and out-of-date information silos by having all related information centralized and at the ready. GAIN OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Save time via an automated transaction creation process based on user-definable timing prior to critical notice dates that supports all common lease option-based transactions: · Leverage template-based schedules, including role-based assignments and notifications. · Uncover opportunities to combine negotiations using auto-populated information relating to nearby sister locations and those with the same landlord: ɥ Customer-configurable attributes ɥ General attribute tracking ɥ Milestone Management ɥ Contact Management ɥ Document Management ɥ Ad hoc Task Management To learn more about Tango Lease Transactions, visit

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