The Post-COVID Consumer

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Copyright ©2022 Tango. All rights reserved. The Post-COVID Consumer: The Future of Brick and Mortar Stores 17 Brick and mortar stores play a critical role in 7 out of the 9 ways a retailer can process, source, and fulfill an order. This is the trajectory innovative retailers have been exploring, and it's the future COVID-19 sent the world barreling toward. Walmart is beginning to remodel their stores to place a greater emphasis on this omnichannel model, adding space to facilitate local deliveries. Target now uses their app to simplify drive up service. An entire product category has emerged around "retail pickup lockers" to help stores replicate Home Depot's BOSS model. Retailers have heavily invested in the omnichannel commerce solutions COVID-19 helped normalize. It's involved a seismic shift in the way businesses use their space and how they think about their locations. With an omnichannel model, you can't simply focus on the traditional trade area anymore. The best site for your store has to account for delivery and pickup, too. In the future, retailers will need sales forecasting and modeling tools that account for a wider range of store uses. But even if you've spent years (or the entire pandemic) testing models and researching what it would take to facilitate omnichannel commerce, retailers should be cautious about overreacting to the post-COVID consumer.

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