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Page 0 of 1 1 TANGO RETAIL STORE LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT SUITE Tango's Store Lifecycle Management suite is the antidote to the multi-solution environment retailers are facing. As a single SaaS-based solution for Predictive Analytics, GIS and Store Development Execution, Tango delivers one version of the truth across the entire real estate strategy and development lifecycle. Fast and easy to implement, Tango avoids the unnecessary complexity, risks and costs of a multiple point solution environment. No more high-risk integrations, additional license fees or expensive implementations. As a purpose-built retail solution, Tango ensures you'll receive strategic benefits sooner, and at a substantially lower cost of ownership. Our collective vision of an end-to-end solution is inspired by industry pioneers who bring a depth of experience to Tango that was developed from working with hundreds of global retail brands. Tango's Store Lifecycle Management suite for real estate strategy and store development execution includes the following products: • Tango Predictive Analytics • Tango Transactions • Tango Projects • Tango Lease • Tango Lease Transactions • Tango Maintenance • Tango Franchisee • Tango Energy & Sustainability by WatchWire To learn more about Tango Retail, visit The importance of real estate strategy and store development execution for location-centric companies can't be overstated. You rely on it to fuel growth, and your locations represent your number one source of revenue, number one use of capital and number two or three enterprise expense. Retailers have come a long way since William Applebaum published How to Measure the Value of Trade Areas in 1966 in applying solutions to address their real estate and store development needs. Evolving from methodologies, to in-house point solutions, to third-party point solutions, successful retailers and restaurant chains recognize that developing a winning real estate strategy and ensuring its execution demands advanced tools. And while point solutions address the various areas of the real estate and store development lifecycle using separate solutions, it's not enough. Trying to make disparate solutions for GIS, Predictive Analytics, and Store Development Execution work together fails to address their numerous and intricate dependences, and often introduces more issues than are solved.

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