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Page 0 of 1 1 TANGO RESERVE BY AGILQUEST Tango Reserve by AgilQuest, a cloud-based SaaS workplace and occupancy management platform, supports Work f rom Anywhere to help people find, share, and manage assets like workspaces, meeting rooms, third-party and coworking spaces, equipment, services, wellness resources, and more. With an easy-to-use web-based interface, mobile apps, digital signs, and a RESTful API, Tango Reserve by AgilQuest merges with your workplace to create a seamless experience for your employees. Plus, its integrated analytics engine provides real-time utilization data showing how assets are being used, helping organizations make informed decisions about their workplace. INTUITIVE, WEB-BASED EXPERIENCE Three ways to find and reserve. View and create a reservation using any of the three view options: · Calendar View: See what time a room is available. · Floorplan View: Easily find the perfect workspace or conference room location. · List View: Search the list of rooms that have a certain amenity or attribute. Collaborate with Teammates and Coworkers. Easily find and collaborate with colleagues using these desktop features: · Add coworkers to your My Teams to see their workspace reservations and plan to be in the office together when you need to collaborate. · Quickly find where a coworker is sitting and what their status is, an upcoming reservation, and an asset you are looking to reserve. · Update Your Status to keep managers and coworkers in-the-know, whether you are on vacation, working f rom home, in the office, etc. MOBILE APPS Empower a hybrid workforce. Native mobile apps for Android and iOS make finding and reserving workspaces and meeting rooms easy and convenient f rom anywhere: · Find and book workspaces and conference rooms, see available space in the floorplan or calendar views, and tap and reserve space for that day or in the future. · Check in, modify, or cancel your upcoming reservations. · Scan a workspace or room's QR code to reserve that space on the spot. · Receive a notification to check in to your space once you are in range of the office with geofencing. DIGITAL SIGNAGE Create a smooth, integrated workplace experience with digital signage. Make it SIMPLE to manage reservations, secure workspaces, and book conference rooms by pairing digital signage: · Lower cost signage options include QR codes and ID screens. Scan a workspace or room's QR code to see if it's available and reserve it on the spot. ID screens can be placed on desks or rooms to show who has booked the room and when. · Integrate with any Android, iOS, or Windows-based hardware so employees can interact with digital signage to get the reservation or room information they need. Interactive touchscreens with the power of Tango's workplace solutions. Room Kiosk is an interactive Android, iOS, or Windows-based digital sign placed outside of meeting rooms or workspaces: · Display today's schedule for that space. · Allow instant reservations and check-ins through a touchscreen interface. · Visually show available meeting rooms with LED lights to indicate the status of the meeting room. · Offer the ability to sign in with one-touch RFID card. Bring engaging touchscreen interfaces to your reception area. Lobby Kiosk brings all the power and ease of Tango Reserve by AgilQuest to reception areas, lobbies, and other common areas via an engaging touchscreen interface: · Quickly locate available workspaces on a floorplan upon entering a building or floor. · Create, check in to, modify, or cancel reservations. · Locate colleagues and their seat assignments or reservations. · View a list of all individuals and their locations currently in the building. · Visualize the optimum workspace or meeting room using the floorplan view. · Visitor check-in with notification sent to host of visitor's arrival. · Authentication via RFID or email and password. CALENDAR INTEGRATIONS Best of both worlds. Get advanced functionality and business rules for meeting room and event bookings with your familiar calendar interface. Integrate with Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar so you can access, manage, and create room reservations f rom your organization's preferred platform:

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