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1 Striking the right balance between growing a healthy franchisee base while protecting owned assets and ensuring brand penetration can be a challenge. Utilizing customer and location predictive analytics, Tango Franchisee helps plan your markets to ensure franchisee territories and opportunities are optimized. At the same time, we help you avoid risks associated with cannibalization of existing locations, exclusion zones and buffer rules. TERRITORY OPTIMIZATION & MANAGEMENT Define your optimal franchisee territories and opportunities. Rationalize your growth strategy for the market against existing franchisee agreements using Tango's Market Optimization and Sales Forecasting Models to determine the best franchisee territories: • Optimize markets and identify high potential territories and trade areas that will maximize revenue and EBITDA. • Draw and edit geographies using Tango's GIS and territory engine. • Manage territory rules including radius restrictions. Track all information related to territories in real time. Manage all key information, data and documents for a territory in a centralized location: • Manage key attributes of territories, break them into sub-markets, mini markets and track related information such as demographics, competition and more. • Manage territory size to support an individual franchisee—or a broader territory with multiple trade areas. MARKETING & RECRUITMENT Streamline franchisee territory and opportunity marketing materials. Quickly and easily generate marketing brochures, maps and territory reports: • Automate brochures incorporating current growth strategies, existing asset base and territory level plans. TANGO FRANCHISEE • Integrate with any CRM to support your recruitment process. Empower your franchise sales team with workflow to approve a territory for sale. Match your franchisee pipeline with demand to ensure you are accurately connecting territory opportunities with potential franchise partners: • Create, review and approve territories for sales. • Manage franchisee due diligence and approval. • Facilitate franchisee application and document intake. AGREEMENT MANAGEMENT Capture and track critical information to minimize conflict and risk. Manage all aspects of Store Development Agreements (SDAs) or Individual Franchisee Agreements (IFAs): • Capture franchisee documents and communications, including notes and threaded discussions. • Leverage lease language to document and track critical payments and dates. • Monitor development commitments over time. • Proactively track IFA renewals. Proactively manage agreements to ensure compliance. Integrate franchisee development commitments with company store development plans while identifying potential conflicts and cannibalization risks: • Stay on top of agreement amendments and compliance. • Calculate complex royalty payments and track all payments made by franchisees.

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