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Page 0 of 0 1 TANGO DATAMART Many companies have existing third-party enterprise reporting tools that they would like to leverage to access and analyze Tango and related data. Historically, doing so required internal IT resources to receive periodic raw data dumps, often in flat file format, and reorganize information into logically structured reportable data. In response to this inefficient and costly approach, Tango Datamart provides an add-on license option to a pre-packaged, customer-specific managed data mart. Although Tango is a multi-tenant solution, we provide a single tenant data mart, ref reshed daily, which is already organized and optimized to support our client's business intelligence and reporting needs. TANGO DATAMART BENEFITS: · Safe. Replicated across multiple data centers, eliminating the need for backups or restores · Secure. Encrypted connections, with option of leveraging a server requiring whitelisted IP addresses · Adaptable. Ability to access/connect new data elements in an on-demand fashion as requirements change, without engaging Tango or incurring additional costs · Versatile. Allows users to connect both BI tools and other reporting tools, with no performance impact on Tango application · Easy. Datamart has denormalized data, ready to consume · Current. Data ref reshed periodically depending on use case SQL SERVER-BASED: · Prevalent skill set in IT Departments · Easier to configure and set up, reducing one time setup fees · Lower licensing cost · Leverages internal data mart and allows for the automatic addition of non-standard fields ABOUT TANGO Tango's Store Lifecycle Management and Integrated Workplace Management System solution manages the entire location lifecycle—f rom real estate to design, construction, lease administration & accounting, facilities maintenance, and space management—within a single global platform in the cloud. We have worked with over 500 leading companies, and bring that knowledge and those best practices to help our customers make smarter decisions about their real estate. Our multi-tenant, cloud-based SaaS and mobile solutions are used across more than 130 countries by concepts ranging f rom a few dozen locations to large global brands with more than 40,000 locations. To learn more about Tango Datamart, visit

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