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Page 0 of 0 1 WRONG DATA, WRONG DECISION. RIGHT DATA, RIGHT DECISION. The right data can be the difference between a good and bad decision. Capture elusive data at every stage of the location lifecycle—find, build, manage. COLLECT TRUSTED DATA FROM EVERY PART OF THE LOCATION LIFECYCLE REAL ESTATE Keep on top of market dynamics. · Site Characteristics · Customer Surveys · Co-Tenancy Checks DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Drive execution and quality on every project. · Pre-Construction Surveys · Punch Lists · Quality Scorecards · One-Year Warranty Checks SPACE PLANNING Understand space utilization and needs. · Occupancy Measurement · Future Space Needs Survey · Employee Satisfaction FACILITIES MAINTENANCE Know what's really going on at your locations. · Facility Condition Assessments · Asset Condition Surveys · Work Order Completion Surveys SEAMLESS DATA COLLECTION, BETTER DECISION MAKING Through the life of a location, you make hundreds—if not thousands—of decisions, many of which are made with limited or out-of-date information. Know what is really going on and make the right decisions with Tango Collect. · Ask once, answer many. Easily and systematically capture data once, and leverage anywhere within Tango Products or your enterprise to make informed decisions. · Zero code, fast setup. Quickly create and manage surveys by choosing f rom 30+ pre-defined question types and templates, without a single line of code. · Intelligence matters. Make data collection smart with workflow-driven routing, conditional question paths, and signature approvals with date, time, and location. · A picture is worth a thousand words. Quickly view pictures f rom Tango's Image Vault across surveys and locations through advanced tagging and search capabilities. · Seeing is believing. Visualize data through rich dashboards and analytics. Quickly export data to Excel or connect to external systems through built-in API. · One size does not fit all. Select the package that best fits your data collection and resource needs f rom a set number of surveys to unlimited. · Any question, anywhere, anytime. Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone—online or offline. We have you covered. ANSWER YOUR MOST STRATEGIC QUESTIONS Ask and answer any question with Tango Collect, the premiere real estate and facilities information collection platform. · Is this a good site or a bad one? · What are the generators for our customer traffic? · What is it going to cost to build this location? · Have we closed out all open items? · Are employees happy? · What's the condition of our facilities and assets? · Should we repair or replace this asset? WE USE TANGO COLLECT TO CAPTURE CRITICAL INFORMATION AND SCORECARD OUR DESIGN AND BRANDING ACROSS 3,000+ SURVEYS IN 130 COUNTRIES. -Large Quick Service Restaurant To learn more about Tango Collect, visit

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